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Double Station Platforms

Single Station Platforms


  • New range of straight and curved Station Platform sections (25mm wide).


  • Varierty of different lengths and radiuses to suit curved and straight track lengths 


  • Includes slot to easier run wiring through the platforms


  • Simply select each desired piece and select 'add to basket' 


  • We will be adding more sizes/lengths and can take requests








Double Station Platforms

  • Kit Construction

    All models come in unpainted kit form 


    We recommend super glue for the construction of all our kits


    Easy to paint with either arcylic or enamel


    Instructions available via website

  • Dimensions

    Type Radius (mm) Length (mm)
    Straight   50
    Straight   100
    Curved 228 50/100
    Curved 228 89/179
    Curved 263.5 50/100
    Curved 263.5 103/206
    Curved 298.5 50/100/117/234
    Curved 333.4 50/100/130



  • Product Info

    These kits are not toys and due to small parts are only suitable for 12+ years or under adult supervision.

  • Scale

    N Gauge

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