motorised range

all motorised kits come with a pre-wired motor

Product Range

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Amphibious Military Vehicle

Based on an Alvis Stalwart Truck


A large site bulldozer, compliments our Crane and Excavator models well.


A smaller version of our bulldozer model.

Canal Walls

Create a realistic and finished looking canal scene, available in two heights.

Canal Boats

Available in a range of lengths and widths, sold in sets of three, each one with a different design.

Canal Locks

Available in a range of sizes including various step options.

Canal Lock (Low Relief)

Create a canal scene where space is limited with this detailed low relief lock and canal boat.

Car Dealership

Something a bit different for your layout, works well with Cars, Bikes or even Tractors?

1960's Caravan

60's style caravan.

Chair O Plane

A motorised fairground ride, other rides also available.

Coaling Tower

Based on a British style Coaling Tower

Combine Harvester

A modern combine based on a Claas Lexion 600.

Construction Dump Truck
Construction Motor Grader
Construction Loading Shovel

Construction Loading Shovel


Create a realistic dockyard with additional Containers, work well in any scene.

Container Gantry Crane

A popular kit that looks fantastic with two or three in a line.

Container Crane (Large)

A larger version of our container crane


A great addition to our Quarry models.

Conveyor 3 Pack

Additional 3 160mm conveyors compatible with all quarry buildings

Construction Crane

Available in two heights these Crane models really help in creating a realistic construction scene.

Construction Crane Large

Available in two heights these Crane models really help in creating a realistic construction scene.

Containers & Cabins

Create a site office for your construction site scene.

Driving Range

A unique and unusual kit but works very well on a layout.

Dutch Barn

A traditional Dutch Barn, a great addition to any farm scene.

Engine Shed

A tall, neat looking engine shed, comes with two sets of doors enabling you to set which ones you would like open or closed.


New and improved excavator, includes a range of attachments.

Farm House

Our first ever model, a traditional farm house and Cart Lodge.

Fairground Jet Ride

A motorised fairground ride, other rides also available.

Fuel Dept

Multiple pipe configurations possible with this kit.

Fuel/Gas Pipe Gantry

Continue your Fuel Depot layout over tracks, this kit includes extra pipe pieces for multiple combinations.

G Gauge Signs

Our popular Garden Scale customised signs, we can produce three styles with any text.

Ghostbusters Firehouse

One of our 'TV and Film' range of model kits.

Industrial Estate

A typical Industrial Unit suitable for any sort of business.

Industrial Unit (Single)

Smaller single unit version of our industrial building.

Inspection Hut

A must have model for a complete Quarry scene.

Living Trailer

Features extendable wall pieces.

Local Shop

Based on a local supermarket building.

Low Relief Houses

Complete with back gardens.

Massey Ferguson 1200

Based on a Massey 1200 articulated tractor.

Massey Ferguson 135

Based on the classic vintage tractor, available with or without implements


Based on the popular fast food chain restaurants.

Mining Tower

Our basic Mining Tower, available with or without Winding House or Chimney.

Mining Tower 2

A more detailed version of our standard Mining Tower

Mining Tower Lift Shaft

Includes a floor piece to be able to set the lift underground.

Mining Quarry Carts
Mobile Crane

With full rotational and extending arm movements you are free to set the model where ever you may need it.

Mobile Tower

Improve the signal on your layout.

Modern Farm Tractor

Based on a John Deere

Office Units

A slightly different addition to an Industrial scene with units below and offices upstairs.


A set of 4 WW2 era pillboxes, each one different, two with 'damaged' effect.

Pipe Kits

Modular Gas/Fuel Pipe Kits available in small, medium and large.

Processing Plant

One of the three main Quarry buildings, this Processing Plant offers multiple conveyor options

Quarry Building

Our first main Quarry building, a range of other plant style builders now available, including a range of Conveyors.

Quarry Building 2

A slightly smaller quarry building with a two track covered area.

Quarry Side Loader

Track side loading building with covered conveyor and shed.

Rail Container Crane Small

A smaller version of the gantry crane, but maintaining the same detail

Rock Crusher

Mobile rock crusher, great levels of detail.

Scissor Lift

Mobile Scissor Lift, pack of two can be positioned in the up or down position.

Screening Building

A great kit for adding the finishing touches to a Quarry scene.

Signal Gantry

Hollow construction to allow wires to be run through the model.


Wire Gantry Stanchions designed for easy attachment and adjust-ability of cabling.

Static Caravan

A traditional Static Caravan, available to buy in a set of three.


Based on Aldi/Lidl type stores

Tanker Filling Station

A 1960's style tanker filling station, multiple pipe configurations possible.

Train Jack

A unique and fairly modern piece of train maintenance equipment.


A modern farm telehandler/forklift with extendable arm.

OO Traction Engine

The first of our OO gauge range.

OO Mining Tower

A OO version of our Mining Tower.

Vintage Tractor Set

Based on a Massey Ferguson 135, also available with a selection of implements.

Vintage Tower Crane

Our most detailed crane model, also available as a motorised version.

War Memorial

30% of each model sale goes to The British Legion, we have raised over £100 so far.

Water Mill

Motorised water mill kit

Traditional Windmill

Loosely based on Cley windmill in Suffolk.

Wind Turbine

Motorised Wind Turbine comes with motor and wiring.

Working Canal Boat

Available uncovered, with low and high cargo covers.